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​Apple devices

​We are specialised for Apple devices. Mac, iPhones, iPad etc. We can help you with everything. We are not focused only at repairing but also at learning. If you want to know how to use your Apple devices more effectively just let us know.

​Smartphones / Androids

​Broken display, weak battery, unfunctional WI-FI.  All of these problems are not problem for us and we can fix them in few minutes or hours. Price is in your hands ! You can choose if you want to use cheaper alernative or original. 

​Computers / Laptops

​Laptops and computers are also devices which can broke or have other internal issues. However, with these you need to think about keeping them in good condition because of dust from air is really big enemy to them.So, what we can do for you is reinstall OS, dust cleaning, change thermal paste and lot of more service for your devices.

​Gaming Consoles

​Loudly sounds, overheating or just need upgrade SSD ? Normally, with this we can help you in few minutes or hours, doesn’t matter if it’s PlayStation 5 or an older xBox 360.

​Gaming Computers 

​Gaming computers is little bit special category for us. For it we have separate exclusive division where the guys from pro - gaming world would take care of your gaming machine. Name of the division is NoFrameDrop and here you can visit their website.